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Cable-Crane at Svinesund
Svinesund New Bridge, 30 November 2003
The bridge is constructed by the German company Bilfinger Berger AG. Enter HERE to go to the German site. Bilfinger Berger AG also have a special site from Svinesund Bridge, www.svinesund.de  
Enter the site containing the raising of the cable-crane, by clicking on the picture.
The work on the new bridge, execute by the company Bilfinger Berger, is dependent on the cable-crane, all material is lifted with this crane. Any stop will result in dead time on the schedule. Hopefully, the crane will work without any problems, until the use of it is finished. The plan is to disassemble the cable-crane in April 2004. Skailand Kranservice will co-operate with E NIGG, and probably take part in the job.  www.mobilcrane.com    

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After the explosion on the sun the 28. October, with the following sun-storm, there arise some interruptions in the control-system for the cable-crane. Some items in the control-system was replaced, but still the crane needed some servicing. Skailand Kranservice is co-operating with the company beeing responsible for running and maintenance work on the crane, E NIGG from Switzerland, and the 29 November Skailand Kranservice execute some minor adjustments on the cable-crane. The problem was mainly caused by vibrating from the winch every time it stopped. The problem could be repaired by adjusting the electronic control and regulation assemblies,  or by a simple valve assembly. A one-way restriction valve was mounted on the line to the main brake on the winch, allowing the brake to open instantaneous, but close smooth. The time delaying on the brake to engage, was set to approximately 1-1,5 sec.   www.mobilcrane.com

The winch for lifting the load, and running the traverser carriage. Tilting the towers to the sides are done by small winches placed on the foundation for the wires that hold the towers broadwise. At the left side of the picture, the crane- operator is inspecting the result of the adjustments. To operate the crane, Bilfinger Berger AG has 2 crane-operators on each shift, one at each side. They co-operate by use of wireless communication system, and the remote system for the crane-control, will only accept one control-transmitter to operate at the time.    

The "One-Way Restriction Valve" mounted on the hydraulic line for the brake. If anyone wish to try this on a similar problem, please observe that incorrect usage of this valve, may result in total brake-failure. Before you mount the valve, open the return-flow to a maximum, and adjust it towards closed position. When the ideal position is found, be sure to lock the hand wheel with the small hexagonal screw. www.mobilcrane.com

Repair of wire on the Cable-Crane 18 Mars 2004
The trolley wire had some damage, and E Nigg decided to change the damaged part. Since the job was near to finish, just a part of the wire was replaced. The company Skiheis-Service AS assisted Skailand Kranservice in the work, and the specialists, Mr. Stein A. Strand, execute the change of 25 meter of wire. To change a part of wire in a running system, demand for a longitudinal splice. Each splice became 12 meter, and all together 49 meter of new wire was integrated in the damaged trolley wire.

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Mr. Stein A. Strand is the manager of Skiheis-Service AS. The company was established in 1996, and Stein A Strand has more than twenty year's of experience in working with wires on ski-lift's. His company is well-established in Norway, and have several references to show. The project's working with big suspension bridges, have had invaluable assistance from him, and the proficiency to splice wires is not common property any longer.
After finishing the wire-splices, the crane was ready to finish the work on the "Svinesund Bridge" . The 2 splice-joints can only be pointed out of someone that know that they are there.           www.mobilcrane.com

Skiheis-Service AS
Klommesteinsvn. 101, Postboks 325, 3300 Hokksund, Norway
Phone : +47 32 70 02 23, Telefax : +47 32 70 02 22,
E-Mail : post@skiheis.as
Web: www.skiheis.as 

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