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MacRae's Blue Book
MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK is a time-honored buyers guide to the products of over 120,000 verified industrial companies. First published in 1893 as America's original industrial directory, MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK has grown to become a leading on-line sourcing tool, through both its own web site and through the networks of its Yellow Pages partners -YellowPages.com and YellowPages.ca web sites.

With over 120,000 industrial companies and over 500,000 industrial product listings, MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK has teamed up with two of the Internet's premier Yellow Pages publishers, YellowPages.com and YellowPages.ca web sites, who now expertly address the needs of their millions of industrial users by embedding MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK industrial listing and advertising data directly into their sites and listings.

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