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The Flamenco Bar

"The Flamenco House", containing the "Flamenco Bar (Hestens Bøn)" and "Verona Restaurant"

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"The Flamenco Bar (Hestens Bøn)"
is one of the oldest bar's in Flekkefjord, and the place will welcome you with traditionally ambience. Every day in the week you may enjoy a visit in the basement of this house. The "Verona Restaurant" in first floor, will serve you with delicious A La Carte Menu's. If you visit Flekkefjord, enjoy an evening in the "Flamenco Bar"
In the summer-season, you may enjoy a cold glas of brew or a meal, at the outdoors-restaurant, in peaceful surroundings, behind the Flamenco House.     
For special occasions, there is a banqueting room in 2nd. floor. Further information and booking, please contact Per E. Birkeland.
Telephone: (+47) 911 43189   E-Mail: pebirkeland@c2i.net

Flamenco Bar (Hestens Bøn)  ': (+47) 38 32 17 60
Brogaten 7
N-4400 Flekkefjord

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