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Ural 375D - All Terrain Truck

Skailand Kranservice is now the owner of this URAL 375D. The Russian truck will be equipped with a suitable crane, and will be used as a service-truck in the new road-project, "The Allfarveg project" , starting this summer.

24 November 2004 
Pictures from the transportation of the base of the tower, for the Liebherr 132 EC-H beeing assembled by E D Knutsen Maskin AS at "Teistedals-strand", on east side of "Fedafjorden Bro". Driving conditions made it necessary to use the Russian Ural 375D for this transportation, and the task was carry out without any big problem, though the stability factor was exceeded with some figures. The weight of the tower was 7,5 ton.  www.mobilcrane.com

The 1965 Ural 375D with a 60m/10,7ton Liebherr outrigger. www.mobilcrane.com  

It looks like a Russian Moble Crane, but it's only me transporting the Dreggen Crane to the base of the westside tower of the bridge.

The Dreggen Crane at the top of the tower, 100m (330 feet) above sea-level. You may ask where the picture was taken from. It's from a basket, hanging in the tower-crane. I often did operate these cranes, sometimes from the crane-cabin, and sometime by the remote-control. www.mobilcrane.com

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