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Express-delivery in Spain

The 18 Mars 2004, Skailand Kranservice was requested to do a express-delivery to FACTORIAS VULCANO  in Vigo, Spain, by the company SEPRO, Sollie Engineering and Production a.s. Vigo is located just north of Portugal, and the distance from Stavanger to Vigo by road, exceed 3.600 km one way. The machine parts had a total weight of almost 2 ton's, and the trailer was loaded up to it's carrying capacity. The total weight of the Chevrolet Tahoe, the ADI-Tec trailer, and the machine-parts, exceeded 5,6 ton's. Friday 19 Mars, at 15.00, the parts were ready to load, and the delivery-time was Monday morning. Doe to the time of departure, the trip had to go by Svinesund, and this long way round, made the distance exceed 4.200 km. 
Thanks to the riding comfort of the Chevrolet Tahoe, the trip were done "Non-stop", and the machine-parts were delivered Monday morning at 06.00.

The men at FACTORIAS VULCANO, responsible for the lifting-operation of the equipment beeing assembled. 

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