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Heavy Lifting Service

Skailand Kranservice
, Flekkefjord, Norway, will from now on be able to handle heavy jacking services. 
5 Heavy Duty Jacks, each capable to handle 140 ton, will make it possible to lift heavy colli's, up to more than 500 ton. The system is powered by 7 bar compressed air, and is totaly safe in "E0-zones".
For more info, please contact Skailand Kranservice by phone or E-Mail.

12 December 2005
The Liebherr 186 EC-H was moved from pos.7 to pos.6 today. Since the viaduct has a little rising up towards the main bridge (1,4%), the crane had to be lifted 85mm in the rear end, and then supported on solid wood. Total weight of the crane is 195ton (metric), and 60m tall, with a base-frame 6m by 6m, there is no room for accidents. 

Two jack's was used in this operation, and Skailand Kranservice was supervising the operation. The equipment is special-constructed to execute work like this. The HPU, including all hoses and couplings, was delivered from K Lund Offshore AS, Stavanger. Each jack has a maximum lifting-force of 140 ton, and this job did only need for 40% of max capacity. Notice the external tank for hydraulic oil, connested directly to the Larzep pump. This setup allow's jacking with big jack's (These jack's demand for 2000cm2 oil for each 100mm lifting, each)
Wiev the jack's cloce-up here: Left jack - Right jack - The HPU.

The Liebherr in working position, at location "Akse 6"

The crane is now withinn 3mm height inn all 4 corners, and ready to work. The same operation will be performed 2 more times, in the next 2 monts. And also when dismounting the crane, there will be needing for adjusting the crane. Skailand Kranservice will assist in this work, untill the viaduct is completed. www.mobilcrane.com

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